Client: Higengqianglin Tourism Project Development & Construction co., LTD
Year Designed: 2012

The landscape design for Haichang Park and urban design strategies for the surrounding development integrate civilization, ecology, and culture. Saving as many existing trees as possible and nestling the development into the existing ecology while improving the biodiversity and overall system health provide the best opportunities for eco-tourism and leisure. The extent of success of this development is entirely dependent on the health of the living systems. One of the most stunning aspects of living systems is their resilience: that is, their ability to adapt and survive change by changing themselves, by establishing new structure and behaviors, by constant evolution, and by fluctuating balance, harmony, yin and yang. The opportunities for engineered ecological recovery within the site could help heal Dianchi Lake. They could set an example for an ecological acupuncture, concise interventions capable of re-organizing their immediate surroundings and, with scaled intervention, they could bring about a positive change in the whole ecosystem of the Dianchi Lake Basin.