Project Name: Fortune Plaza
Client/Developer: H.K.I. Development Co., Ltd.
Project Size: Site Area 28,082 m2, Landscape Area 21,520 m2
Completion: 2005/2006

This project is located in the CBD area of Beijing, east of the Forbidden City, and near such prominent office buildings as the Kerry Center. AGER was retained to renovate the existing landscape and public space, as well as to create a new, inspiring environment. AGER's redesign included the main entrance of the office building, the entrance of the apartment building, and the open spaces surrounding the buildings. The entrance design of the high-end apartment tower achieves compatibility with the overall architectural style of the building by using similar materials and scale for landscape elements. The building entrance is animated by a water sculpture. The commercial area opens to a well-defined plaza which incorporates inviting landscape features and materials. The buildings are softened by multiple rows of ginkgo trees placed in a distinctive planting bed of white pebbles. Acacias and Chinese junipers provide both heavy shade from the harsh sun during the summer months and refuge from late spring winds of April and May. The red water tower at the entrance to the apartment building serves as a focal point to welcome residents and visitors.