Project Name: Landscape Design for Hi-Shanghai
Location: Yangpu District, Shanghai
Client: Shang Shi Real Estate Holding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Project Size: Site Area 84,788 m2, Landscape Area 28,546 m2
Main Public Art Works: Meshwork, Paper Made Plane, Taihu Stones
Materials: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Artist: Wei Zhou
Completion: 2003/2006

This project is a mixed-use development located in the Yangpu district, in close proximity to the North Bund in Shanghai. This mixed-use site contains office-studios for many design and advertising firms and many apartments located in a lush bucolic setting. Although the two areas are designed with different forms and details, they share the same materials and texture to create a unified landscape. A signature design theme here incorporates elements from the industrial landscape from the nearby Yangpu district. The designers' intent is to showcase both local artisans' works and traditional garden design elements in a modern style for the edification of office workers, residents and visitors.

A landscaped plaza forms the entrance to the site. This leads to an internal walkway with several grade changes designed to separate the busy commercial space from heavily trafficked West Dalian Road. The design of the residential area echoes that of the traditional Chinese garden, which is adept at simulating nature.