Project Name: Changzhou National Forestry Park
Client/Developer: Changzhou Local Government
Landscape Architect: Christian Lemon
Location: Changzhou, China
Year Designed: 2011

Discovery Parc, over 600Ha park over 5.5 Km long, is a new model for a destination park full of beauty, interest, and activities; planned, designed and constructed to be environmentally and financially sustainable. A park for visitors to "discover" a whole new world of rest and relaxation, responsibly.
Over time it is envisioned that the plan for Discovery Parc will consist of eight "Biomes" connected by an "Eco Spine". A "Biome" is a portion of the park that is defined by a dominant plant community and includes harmonious cultural activities. The "Eco- Spine" is the contiguous body of water stretching the length of the park that connects and gives life to all parts of the park. These two concepts order the big picture layout of the park.
Due of the size and length of Discovery Parc it has been developed into eight "Biomes", each one identified by a dominant forest plant community, a coinciding landscape type, and cultural activities specific to each Biome. The "Biomes" are roughly centered on the major north south roads cutting through the park creating different visitor experiences when entering the park. They are organized east west by existing site conditions and the proposed surrounding land use. The variety of "Biomes" offer visitors a unique experience to discover uniquely different landscapes within one park and in turn a wide range of activities. The eight Biomes include Community Farms, Wetlands, Lake Forest, Fall-color Forest, Conifer Forest, Flowering Forest, Bamboo Forest, and an Agricultural Campus. This diversity in forest plant communities ensures that there will be a year round spectacle for visitors to be drawn to.