Project Name: LUOYANG
Location: Luoyang, China
Landscape Architect: Jessica Leete
Year Designed: 2015

Throughout the ages the city of Luoyang has been the home of 13 Dynasties. Luoyang is located in a wide fertile valley along the Luo River, a major tributary of the Yellow River. The site is 25 km long and divides the city, but is separated from the city by the Levees. Although the city grew extremely rapidly without much planning in a 10 year period, we are providing a more thoughtful approach to this new central park investment as well as suggesting more responsible stormwater management practices in future development of the city. Proposing treatment at major outflows and intensifying the wetland areas to help contribute We looked at the existing city and the 2020 planning plan, using this information to divide the site into 4 main areas and locate nodes where the design effort will be emphasized. Nodes in each of these four areas considered the adjacent programming in the design of each: Cultural Historic area to the North East, Urban City Life, Creative Industry, and the Ecological area to the South West. Proposed developments at these nodes were rethought and designed in conjunction with the river side of the levee.