Project Name: Sea Tide Park
Client/Developer: South China Merchant Zhangzhou Development
Landscape Architect: Christian Lemon
Location: Zhangzhou, China
Year Designed: 2011

Sea Tide Park, is 2km of a 7km open space along the eastern edge of Zhangzhou that is envisioned to compliment the open space of Dolphin Island to collectively draw visitors to this new national tourist destination. The development of this open space is heavily influenced by the extreme tidal condition. Consequently, the edge of this open space has been designed to take advantage of the tidal condition to create a very unique park full of diverse experiences. The park in fact, changes character based upon its interaction with the tides. At low tide the park reveals more of itself, at high tide the park conceals more of itself and thus its name, Sea Tide Park.

Not only does the tide change the character of Sea Tide Park horizontally, but also vertically. The park dips into the sea and rises above the sea. At low tide, areas of the park reveal themselves to allow visitors to explore more of the sea edge. At high tide, portions of the sea edge are concealed by seawater and visitors can explore the higher points of the park. The high points of the park include sculptural hills to facilitate better views to the sea, Dolphin Island and other parts of the park. The hills are also designed to accentuate entries to the park and create sheltered areas from the wind for day camping and recreational activities. The adjacent residential areas are at a higher elevation than the park, allowing for views from residences into the park and beyond to the sea.