Project Name: TEDA Third Street Reconstruction Plan
Location: Tianjin, China
Client: Tianjian Economic Technological Development Area (TEDA)
Site Area: 1.5 km
Service: Streetcape Master Plan and Urban Design
Year Designed: 2009-2010

Third Street is the primary east/west commercial street of the TEDA Urban Core and Central Business District. It serves to link the new Financial Service and the TEDA Administrative Centers to the commercial, retail, and residential services to the west and east. Its intersection with Nanhai Road forms an important node being the location of three hotels and a public plaza. There are over its 1.5 kilometer length a variety of shopping, food services, education, offices, residences, hotels, banking, government and financial services facilities.

AGER was engaged to create a master plan for the restoration of the existing streetscape: hard scape, landscape, street paving and street furniture and service locations. The major design challenge was to create new parking venues such that the sidewalks could become pedestrian friendly and thereby create more economic opportunity on the street.