Client: Green Town Developers
Landscape Architect: Jessica Leete
Year Designed: 2014

The Activity center and Media center sit on either side of the Qiandao Lake Park, a lush greenway and creek with uninterrupted access for people of all abilitities. The Activity center is a place where families come for a variety of community services including the ‘playspine’ which completes the entire landscape between the building and the greenway. Entering the site from the East one encounters a sensory garden, designed primarily for the experience of the vision impaired, it includes a series of large scale brightly colored posts to wander through and a planting dedicated to smell and touch. An extensive play mound structure rolling up and down the length of the site provides a more active pathway. The west end of the playspine is terminated with a dynamic water play structure. The Broadcast and Media center plaza provides a respite from work or play. The entire courtyard is planted with a tight grid of two types of trees and thus two levels of shade. The trees should flourish, as the tree pits are continuous and coordinated with the storm water runoff management on site. The stone and wood benches are designed in conjunction with the steel retaining wall encompassing the understory groundcover.