Project Name: Landscape Design for Bamboo Garden Group 1, Changsha
Location: Qingzhu Lake, Changsha, Hunan Province
Client: Hunan Greentown Property
Project Size: Site Area 9.15 ha, Landscape Area 1.90 ha
Completion: 2006/2007

Changsha Bamboo Garden is a luxury residential villa development located in Central China's mountain region. This landscape is noted for its scenic and undulating hills and lush woodlands. The villas and roadways within this development have been designed to fit the flow of the topography and conserve existing stands of mature trees. This design approach enriches the outdoor spaces. The design of villas and their backyards emphasizes the connection between indoor and outdoor space. Additionally, serene views and vistas from the villas to the surrounding golf course and scenic hills have been enhanced and framed by the landscape planting design. The traditional Chinese landscape technique of "from the large to the small and from indoors to outdoors" is the traditional design principle that has been employed to create the modern landscape of Changsha Bamboo Garden.