Client: Town of Revere In Collaboration With: The Neighborhood Developers, The Community Design Resource Center
Year Designed: Current

The Shirley Avenue Gateway project is a collaboration with the city of Revere, the local community revitalization organization, local schools, businesses, and the community at large. After a number of open community forums we have finalized a plan to entice beach visitors from the public transit station into the commercial district. The design incorporates a sculptural gateway, streetscape improvements, improved signage, and community-led murals to transform the area into the lively commercial beach street that the community desires. The gateway sculpture will mark a threshold to the neighborhood and offer the pedestrians moving along the MBTA sidewalk a framed view up colorful Shirley Avenue. The gateway can act as a showcase for Shirley Avenue helping to identify the commercial and dining options up the street as well as a community bulletin board for the neighborhood to connect.