Project Name: Jintai Xizhao Plazaļ¼ŒBeijing
Client?Developer: Beijing Xiangjiang Xingli Property Co., Ltd.
Project Size: Landscape Area 2,315 m2

On December 8, 2001, a historic stele inscribed with the Qianlong Emperor's calligraphy was excavated on the site of the proposed Jintai Xizhao Plaza. The inscription on the stele included the name of the poem entitled, "The Golden Terrace in the Glow of the Setting Sun." In those ancient times, a golden terrace was where the emperor interviewed the talented. Marking this spot as one of the Eight Historic Scenic Spots of Beijing, the stele is 3.3 meters tall, 1.2 meters wide and 0.5 meters thick. In realizing the value of this treasure, H.K.I. Development Co., Ltd. decided to build a public plaza to educate the public about China's culture and history.

The plaza paving pattern design was derived from the actual excavation trenches of the site. Bathed in late afternoon sunlight, the yellow stone paving surrounded by shallow water basins sparkles just like the golden terrace. Fundamental to the didactic mission of the plaza is the incorporation of historical narrative elements. Poems written by Qianlong are carved on bench squares. A map of the Eight Scenic Spots of Beijing is engraved in the plaza paving stones as well. This plaza offers a striking setting to reflect on a forgotten part of the heritage of Beijing.