Project Name: Layered Scores Art Center Competition
Location: Roosevelt Island NY
Client: Emerging Architects and the AIA New York City
Project Size: over 300 Acres
Design Completion: 2005

The form for the Roosevelt Island Universal Arts Center came from a process of choreography and scoring involving multiple viewers and viewpoints. The study of musical scoring and methods of choreography lent itself to defining techniques of mark making in order to generate three-dimensional forms. The art facilities organize in relation to the site through a set of criteria governing how each program element interacts with the site, whether it be piercing, displacing, floating above, or merging with the existing topography. Interactions of similar but varied operations allow the program spaces to expose themselves to one another where they share edges. The circulation 'wedge' or passage is a key protagonist in the organization of the buildings masses. Program elements and their formal connections take into consideration accessibility issues, with a primary system of ramps and underground passages. Significant points of arrival, reflection and spectacle set a rhythm and sequence of movement that creates space and continuity.